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Integrated Compliance™ Management

Why Crandall?

By the Numbers here...

40+Years of continuous operations under our original ownership. No mergers, No name change, No Chapter 11... No layoffs
300+Years of compliance related experience/disciplines
19+Years on average for customer retention/strategic partnerships
17Clients across 17 states utilizing our Compliance, Materials Management, and Productions/Operations related programs
50Across all 50 states, automotive, government and industrial customers are utilizing our online RADAR compliance program
100,000+Environmental, Health, and Safety audits performed for Insurance Companies, Groups, Associations, Individuals, (Phase I, Building Codes, Fire Codes, and more)
1,000+Average number of personnel trained monthly
$$$$$$$Saved by customers utilizing Crandall Services through our Defensive Support during Regulatory, Legal, Consumer, and other challenges

Sometimes...Less is More!

ZeroNumber of subcontractors needed to deliver any and all Crandall services
ZeroNumber of Crandall fines or penalties from:
Federal or state run EPA programs
Federal or state run OSHA programs
Federal or state run DOT programs
ZeroOperating permit violations resulting from monthly regulatory insepctions. NOTE: we are designated as a training facility for regulatory inspectors
ZeroNet cost to many Crandall customers utilizing credits, offsets, and other legal and defensible solutions/programs