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Please Complete the fields to the right.  When finished, click the “Pay Invoice Now” button to process the transaction.  Upon completion of the transaction you will receive an email  receipt at the email address you will submit on the following  InternetSecure Payment Pages.  Crandall Invoice Number:  We need this information to  properly credit your account with your payment.  Crandall Customer ID:  This is your Crandall Customer  Number assigned by Crandall and will be in the form of three  upper case letters and three numbers.    Amount of Invoice:  On your receipt you will see the unit price  as $1.00, and the “Quantity” will be the amount of the invoice.  For example, if your invoice is $532.20, your receipt will reflect a  quantity of 532.20 at a unit price of $1.00, and a Total Cost of  $532.20.  Online Training Instructions (Insurance Agency required  training):  If you are purchasing one of our Online Training  products, as required by your insurance agency, please  indicate the Insurance Agency to which we should report  your successful completion. Please remember to include  your NextGen number in the “Notes to Crandall” box.    Note:  We report training completion to various Insurance  Agencies on a monthly basis. Not sure where to find this information on your invoice?  Click HERE! 
PLEASE NOTE: If you are paying more than one invoice,  enter the total amount for ALL invoices in the “Amount of  Invoice” box, and then indicate the Invoice Numbers covered by  the payment in the “Comments/Notes to Crandall” box.  It is  important that we receive the invoice numbers to properly  credit your account with your online payment.  When  paying multiple invoices at one time enter one of the invoice  numbers in the  “Invoice Number” box and list ALL invoice  numbers (including associated amounts) in the  “Comments/Notes to Crandall” box (Ex.:  Invoice #12345 -  $537.20, Invoice # 56789 - $332.56, Invoice # 90876 -  $1245.34, etc.). DO NOT USE HYPHENS OR SPECIAL  CHARACTERS IN YOUR INVOICE NUMBER, ONLY  ALPHANUMERIC CHARACTERS ARE ACCEPTED.  USING  HYPHENS OR SPECIAL CHARACTERS WILL CAUSE YOUR  TRANSACTION TO BE DECLINED. 
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