40 CFR 63, Subpart HHHHHH Auto Body Rule Crandall Corporation
State Documents
NOTE:  To date South Carolina (DHEC) and Georgia (EPD) are the only states to publish state specific forms for compliance with  the NESHAPs “6H” rule.  Other states should use the Federal 6H Notification Form to the right.  If in doubt, contact your local regulatory agency for clarification.
Georgia EPD
GA 6H Initial Notification
South Carolina DHEC
North Carolina - NOTE
Buncome, Forsyth, and Mecklenburg counties in North Carolina have been delegated authority for permitting and enforcement for air quality issues within their counties.  Below are links to obtain further information on administration of this rule in the counties listed above.
Buncombe County Air Quality Mecklenburg County 6H Website Forsyth County 6H Website
Federal 6H Rule Documents
Federal 6H Notification Form (pdf) EPA 6H Assistance Website USEPA NESHAPs 6H Introduction Video
USEPA 6H “Auto Body” Assistance
Forsyth Initial Notification Forsyth Compliance (Methylene Chloride) Forsyth Compliance (Spray - Target Air Pollutants) Forsyth Compliance (Spray - Motor Vehicles) Forsyth Exemption
800-248-4801 Crandall Corporation 803-791-4800
SC DHEC 6H Permit Request SC DHEC 6H Notice of Compliance SC DHEC 6H Initial Notification SC DHEC 6H Exemption Request SC DHEC 6H Training Documentation USEPA 6H Fact Sheet USEPA 6H Final Rule USEPA 6H Rule Summary Are you sure YOUR materials donít require a NESHAPs Permit? Home Services Material Management Project Management SDS Resources NESHAPs 6H Online Training Pay Invoice